♪♫Parduotos♫♪ LINN AV5140 Garso Kolonėlės

♪♫Parduotos♫♪ LINN AV5140 Garso Kolonėlės

Vyšnios apdaila. Būklė 8/10 – keli įbrėžimai. Kolonėlių padai buvusio savininko užpildyti švinu. Komplete dygliai, gamyklinis įpakavimas. 960EUR.



The Linn AV5140 are extraordinary speakers. Period. For the money, they have no equals at this price point. In fact, when Linn launched these speakers (in conjunction with their AV51 system), they were part of this complex setup that included Linn’s AV processor, multiple amps and a variety of AV speakers that made up a $27,000 package. If you had a chance to listen this system when they were auditioning at the hifi shows, you would have walked out of that room with your lower jaw on the floor. It was such a surreal experience listening to music and watching a movie in that room.

The Linn AV 5140 loudspeaker is specifically designed to dramatically enhance the performance and enjoyment of audio/visual playback. The AV 5140 is a high quality floorstanding speaker, which can be used in a wide variety of AV system positions: Built-in magnetic screening allows the AV 5140 to be positioned as close as 50mm to a television set. An elegant, slender speaker this speaker will blend naturally into many different home environments.

The AV 5140 is the result of critical acoustic and performance considerations. The design of the speaker optimises cabinet geometry and construction, drive unit configuration, crossover frequency relationships and aerodynamic design of port exits to maximise the performance of A/V playback.

The 18mm high density fibre board cabinet of the AV 5140 has been radically designed resulting in a minimum of parallel surfaces on the inside of the cabinet to reduce the internal resonance associated with all loudspeakers. The slim front baffle provides good dispersion and high rigidity whilst the wider back of the cabinet allows an eight inch bass unit to be fitted to provide superior bass extension.

Extended bass units provide the low range necessary for A/V. High power handling and wide
dynamic range enable it to handle music and AV sound effects without distortion. The front
and rear ports ensure optimum air flow while at the same time providing a stylish, timeless
and elegant look.

The treble unit has a 19mm ceramic dome tweeter mounted on a diecast face plate, with a
ferrofluid-cooled voice coil on a Kapton former which transmits heat to the magnet. The
aluminium face plate allows higher power handling. The rear of the tweeter is sealed in its
own enclosure to prevent the bass pressure influencing the treble performance.

The midrange driver uses a rigid polypropylene cone and an aluminium voice coil former.
Magnet assembly increases efficiency allowing maximum amplifier control. There is a long
throw voice coil for lower distortion.

The bass driver has a magnesium alloy diecast chassis providing maximum rigidity. Large high efficiency magnet assembly providing high sensitivity and bass damping. Aluminium voice coil former for excellent heat dispersion. Four-layer voice coil for improved magnetic coupling. Long throw cone suspension for high sound pressure levels.

The crossovers use high specification audio grade capacitors with polypropylene caps for treble, polyester caps for mid-range. High current iron-dust inductors are used to prevent saturation and distortion. Other features include: heavy copper tracks for low resistance and signal integrity; high strength glass fibre circuit boards. Input sockets are soldered directly to the board to reduce contact resistances. Second order electrical response for treble, mid-range and bass. All drive units individually soldered to crossover cables.

Technical Specifications

  • Volume 42 Litres
  • Frequency Response 30 Hz to 20 Khz
  • Height 980mm
  • Width (front) 170mm
  • Width (rear) 235mm
  • Depth 320mm
  • Input Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Efficiency 90dB for 1W at 1m (1Khz)
  • Minimum Amplifier Power 60W / 4Ohms
  • Weight 21.5 Kilos

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