♪♫Parduotos♫♪ LINN MAJIK ISOBARIK Garso Kolonėlės

♪♫Parduotos♫♪ LINN MAJIK ISOBARIK Garso Kolonėlės

Vyšnios apdaila. Geros būklės, komplekte dygliai, trumpikliai, instrukcija, gamyklinis įpakavimas. 3000EUR. ☆Spec.pasiūlymas – tik 2700€☆ 

LINN MAJIK ISOBARIK Floorstanding Loudspeakers

A high performance four-way floorstanding loudspeaker

Majik Isobarik is a floor-standing loudspeaker with impressive dynamic range and deep bass extension.

Majik Isobarik uses twin bass drivers, hidden within the cabinet base and working in tandem to generate greater levels of bass, with less distortion and increased levels of control and clarity.

Linn’s distinctive 2K driver array acts as a single-point source to ensure exceptionally clean and controlled high-frequency reproduction and allow flexible positioning.

With a special Isobarik Aktiv option which allows the bass drivers to be driven actively for even greater performance, Majik Isobarik offers a simple upgrade path from bi-wiring to fully Aktiv.

Available in a range of beautifully crafted real wood finishes, with high gloss and custom colour options, the classic understated styling of Majik Isobarik will enhance any living space.

Majik Isobarik is a speaker which excels with all types of music and in all listening environments – combine with Majik components to get the most from your favourite music and movies.

Key Features:

  • Linn Isobarik technology produces exceptionally low and controlled bass from a relatively compact cabinet
  • 2K driver array for clean and controlled high-frequency reproduction and flexible positioning
  • Down-firing ported bass system allows extended bass and greater positioning flexibility
  • Isobarik Aktiv mode powers bass drivers actively with only one extra amplification channel per speaker
  • High quality custom-designed crossovers ensure accurate music reproduction across the full frequency range
  • Simple upgrade path from single to multi-wiring / amping to Isobarik Aktiv or fully Aktiv

Majik Isobarik Specifications:

Date of Introduction: May 2011

Type: 4-way floorstanding loudspeaker

Impedance (passive): 4 Ohms
Impedance (Multi-amped bass): 5 Ohms
Impedance (Multi-amped midrange): 4 Ohms
Impedance (Multi-amped tweeter): 4 Ohms
Impedance (Multi-amped super-tweeter): 4 Ohms
Impedance (Aktiv Bass): 6 Ohms
Impedance (Aktiv Mid-range): 7 Ohms
Impedance (Aktiv Tweeter): 7 Ohms
Impedance (Aktiv Super-tweeter): 7 Ohms

Operating Volume: 44 Liters

88 dB for 1 watt at 1 metre (1 kHz)

Crossover options:
Passive, Isobarik Aktiv or fully Aktiv

Crossover Frequencies:
120 Hz 4th order (Butterworth)
1.25 kHz 4th order (Linkwitz Riley)
6 kHz 4th order (Linkwitz Riley)

Connection options:

Up to four-way multi-wire/amp passive; partial Aktiv; four-way Aktiv 4mm banana plugs or spades

Weight (With Supplied stand): 32 kg / 71 lbs

(H) 981 mm x (W) 300 mm x (D) 406 mm
(H) 38.6 inches x (W) 11.8 inches x (D) 16 inches

Standard finishes: Black Ash, Rosenut, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, White



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