♪♫Parduotas♫♪ ELECTROCOMPANIET ECI 3 Stereo Stiprintuvas

♪♫Parduotas♫♪ ELECTROCOMPANIET ECI 3 Stereo Stiprintuvas

Labai geros būklės, 9/10, komplekte su pultu, instrukcija, 840EUR.


The Electrocompaniet ECI 3 is a DC coupled high performance, fully balanced, remote controlled integrated stereo amplifier, with six inputs: CD balanced, balanced output plus single ended tape output.

The ECI 3 is equipped with a balanced, motorised volume control without sonic degradation, and all input switching is done by relays.

Volume up/down and input selection can be controlled using the four Navigator touch buttons on the front panel, or from the remote control. The selected input source is shown in the Navigator Window.

The ECI 3 features Electrocompaniet’s unique Floating Transformer Technology (FTT) power supply which is capable of delivering twice as much current as conventional designs. The ECI 3 is built with the same quality components as our most prestigious models. A 550 VA transformer, in FTT configuration, and a current reservoir of 40.000uF delivers 2 x 70 W of clean and powerful dynamics into an 8Ω load. Like all our amplifiers, the ECI 3 is stable in all loads down to 0.5 Ω.  The balanced output of the ECI 3 can feed an additional power amplifier in a bi-amped set-up.


All measurements are made at 120V / 240V  //50Hz / 60Hz
Preamplifier section
Nominal Input impedance 330 kohm
Max. input level > 10 Volt RMS
Equivalent input noise < 4 µV
Input sensitivity for rated output (single) 0.6 V
Input sensitivity for rated output (balanced) 0.3 V
Amplifier section
Output Impedance
(20 Hz – 20 kHz)
< 0,01 ohms
Max. peak current > 60 A
(measured at 1 kHz half power,8W)
< 0,005 %
(measured at 1 kHz -1 dB 8 W)
< 0,006 %
Rated output power
8 ohms 2 x 70 W
4 ohms 2 x 120 W
2 ohms 2 x 160 W
Power consumption
(no load or signal)
70 W
Width 483 mm / 19 inches
Depth 410 mm / 16.1 inches
Height 115 mm / 4.5 inches
Weight 12Kg / 26.4 lbs.

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